Sunday Worship


March 15th At-home Worship Guide – Fast and Feed

March 22nd At-home Worship Guide – Healthy Living and God’s Healing

March 29th At-home Worship Guide – 5th Sunday Singing


Stop by the church on Friday April 3rd, 3-5p to pick up your Holy Week At-Home Worship kit. This kit will contain the guides and materials you will need to celebrate Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Pastor Kris will also have Holy Communion available. We will use individual servings, hand sanitizer, gloves, and a process to keep us all as safe as possible. To minimize contact, church staff will bring eveything your car. When you arrive, please pull around back and through to the church Fellowship Hall entrance by the big tree. When pulling around, honk your horn. If there are multiple cars present at the same time, please be patient, stay in your car, pray for the family in front of you, and wait until you can pull forward.

Palm Sunday At-home Worship Guide – Water and Spirit (coming soon)
Maundy Thursday At-home Worship Guide (coming soon)
Good Friday At-home Worship Guide (coming soon)
Easter Sunrise At-home Worship Guide (coming soon)
Easter At-home Worship Guide (coming soon)

Sunday Singing

Each time we have 5 Sundays in a month, we celebrate with special music!

  • March 29th – At-home Worship Guide
  • May 31st – Matthew Weaver and Clay Lunsford
  • August 30th – The Gospel Voices