Upcoming Sermons

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The season of Advent is a journey. Each Sunday, we walk closer to the coming of Christ. We remember the first coming – Jesus born in a manger – and we look toward the second coming – Christ once again dwelling among us. Join us each Sunday as we journey together, listening to the voices of the Prophet Isaiah and the writer of the Gospel of Matthew as our guides.

  • December 1st: Marching to Zion: With Hope
  • December 8th: Marching to Zion: With Love – Granite Quarry Dragon Chorus will sing
  • December 15th: Marching to Zion: With Joy
  • Decemer 22nd: Marching to Zion: With Peace

December 24th: 5p, Christmas Eve Worship, Marching to Zion: In Light

December 29th: 5th Sunday Sing featuring Matthew Weaver and The Gospel Voices



Begin the New Year with a new vision. Join us as we seek to see what is and what can be through a Kingdom lens. January 5-19, 2020.